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You must comply with all applicable legislation in respect of the Information, including privacy legislation and anti-spam legislation. You are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all consents, providing all disclosures and un-subscribe mechanisms, and promptly complying with all unsubscribe requests you may receive in connection with your use of the Information. You must maintain detailed records regarding your compliance with the above obligations, and provide copies of those records to MaRS upon request. If you receive any notice from a regulator regarding a potential breach of any privacy or anti-spam legislation in connection with the Information, you must: (a) promptly notify MaRS in writing of the particulars of the non-compliance and the steps you will take to address that non-compliance, (b) fully and promptly cooperate and comply with any requests or instructions issued by the regulator; and (c) provide reasonable assistance to MaRS in responding to and addressing the regulator’s concerns.