CircuitMeter project at SteriPro reprocessing and sterilization facility

CircuitMeter's solutions allow SteriPro to monitor the electrical systems in real-time and track all relevant data related to the critical facility equipment.

Project Description

SteriPro implemented CircuitMeter’s energy management system to compliment the building management system already in place. The main objective was to increase operational efficiencies and to provide insight into the electrical systems that support the reprocessing activities. The system helps identify energy waste resulting in more streamlined processes and lower operational costs. The implementation of real time metering system that provides benchmarking and notifications provides management with a “Continuous Energy Audit” for the facility.

What are the key assets and functions deployed in this project?

Over 430 circuit level metering points were deployed which allows for ongoing monitoring and energy analysis for the infrastructure and processing equipment. The ability to send notifications allows the facility management and production teams to ensure process and product quality.

What is the value or impact?

Having access to the circuit level data, SteriPro is able to analyze the energy profiles of various types of equipment. This allows for the operational energy profiles to be established and trended. Normal operation conditions including costs can be calculated and monitored. Based on this information, SteriPro is able to identify systems running unnecessarily or when outside of specification. The ability to identify, monitor and address any wasted energy or equipment issues in real time ensures building, equipment and process efficiency.


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