Franco-Manitoba School Division Christine Lesperance

Circuit level metering sheds light on a building’s inefficiencies and identifies problems at source in real time - no need to wait for the utility bill.

Project Description

To provide the necessary insight, circuit level metering was installed on all building mains and HVAC equipment. The energy analytics is used to shed light on the inefficiencies within the schools to all stakeholders (superintendent, trustees, CFOs, facility managers and building operators). This approach provides visual real-time information for the district to make intelligent decisions for control or system upgrades. When changes to the building are made, the circuit level metering will provide continuous measurement and verification.

What are the key assets and functions deployed in this project?

A series of WebMeters™ were installed within the various facilities to measure 165 circuits covering building mains and HVAC equipment. CircuitMonitoring™ software was implemented to provide real time and historical energy analytics. The main functionality of the system is power factor insight for demand management, electrical and GHG optimization and reporting, wide area monitoring with continuous measurement and verification of systems and upgrades. With this approach, building energy audits will no longer be required in the future.

What is the value or impact?

Although currently too early to determine the real impact of the project, the value in the short term will stem from the identification of power inefficiencies allowing the school board to reduce energy costs and prioritize precision maintenance for the equipment used throughout the facilities. Key variables include identification of power problems, identification of power factor issues which result in demand charges, identification of equipment short cycling and identification of equipment operating conditions outside of normal values.

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