CircuitMeter and Innovate Alberta students partnering in City of Edmonton public facilities.

High school students learning energy management and common sense approaches to energy efficiency leading to behavioral and operational modifications.

Project Description

Innovate is a hands-on, project-based student-led program supporting learning in real world context with a focus on sustainability. Innovate students became interested in CircuitMeter’s circuit level energy metering and monitoring technology as an alternative to the previous smart metering devices deployed. What started off as a project centered on management of renewable energy generated at a local high school evolved into students presenting a real time energy management solution for public facilities to identify waste, lower costs and GHGs.

What are the key assets and functions deployed in this project?

CircuitMeter metering and CircuitMonitoring™ systems were deployed at 2 public recreation facilities in Edmonton. Students were trained on the CircuitMonitoring™ software platform by CircuitMeter staff and given access to the system in order to monitor, analyze and set up notifications when data exceeded established thresholds for selected electrical loads in the facilities (vending machines, front desk, lighting, etc.). Detailed energy data analytics enabled students to assist facility operators better manage their electrical consumption.

What is the value or impact?

Students monitored consumption patterns for loads such as lighting, front desk area, staff room and vending machines. With the use of circuit level data, students were able to analyze the energy profiles of the various types of equipment and calculate the operational cost differences per watt for each piece of equipment. Based on the energy management insights gained from the first two public buildings, the students will be implementing CircuitMeter’s submetering and energy analytics technology in Edmonton's City Hall.



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