Rodan Energy Solutions

Leading North American smart grid integrator delivering innovative energy solutions to large consumers, distributors & power producers.

Company Description

Rodan Energy is a leading smart grid integrator delivering energy solutions to electricity consumers, distributors and power producers. Combining expertise in metering, EMIS, data management and demand response, Rodan Energy is helping to develop a sustainable energy future in North America. Rodan Energy is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario with an Innovation hub in Kitchener-Waterloo and a Western office in Calgary, Alberta.

What does your company offer?

Rodan Energy offers a diverse portfolio of expert services for businesses, utilities and power producers,which include demand response, engineering solutions, energy analytics and metering services. They are one of North America’s largest independent Metering Service Providers (MSP) registered with the IESO. Over 60 utilities and ISOs throughout North America trust Rodan Energy to manage their demand response resources to ensure a reliable power system.

What impact and value does your technology or service deliver?

Rodan Energy delivers intelligent energy solutions to large consumers, distributors and power producers. Their services enable clients to reduce total energy spend, improve their bottom line, enhance power system reliability and help develop a sustainable energy future.


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